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Gift Finds at 2024's CanGift Show & Toronto Market Week

As a creative person, it is essential that I attend trade shows to get inspired and fired up about new products. Thankfully, in person shows are back and they’re wonderful! One would think that I’ve seen it all but this is not the case. Let me say this… Canada has some incredibly talented people! When I “walk a show”, I am there for hours and do my best to visit as many booths as possible. With my fully charged iPhone in hand, I snapped many of the great corporate gifts and branded products to remember the good stuff. Upon returning to my home office, I review them quietly and “piece it all together” like a puzzle while referencing my notes...

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Trending Tech Products You Can Gift & Brand on Any Budget

This blog today was going to start with: It’s that time of year but I realize it’s always that time of year! Fall, winter, spring and summer are always that “time of year” when we start to think about seasonal items for our giveaways and following that is always the question: what’s new? Not only are clients asking what’s new but I am always asking my suppliers what’s new? I am constantly sourcing…constantly! Tech is the top of everyone’s list followed by Health and Wellness products. Why? They make sense. These products are useful, make business life faster, easier and are enjoyable to use. They send a positive, caring message and let’s not forget the message of kindness. Kindness to...

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Joanna's Tips for A Successful Business

Having been in business for nearly 30 years, there are certain practices I uphold and live by religiously to ensure success for both clients and myself. Even with all the new ways of doing business, a multitude of webinars and virtual events, and all the new technology available, my practices have been steadfast and grounded me for many years. At the end of the day, they provide me peace of mind.  Read on to learn more about my tips for running a successful business, and don’t forget to browse our selection of client and employee appreciation gifts while you’re here. 1. Communication: the key to ultimate success. Whether it be with a client, colleague, or supplier, communication and honesty are...

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