Best of the Season Gourmet Sweets & Treats Tower
Best of the Season Gourmet Sweets & Treats Tower

Best of the Season Gourmet Sweets & Treats Tower

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Layer upon layer of holiday favorites, featuring a delicious array of sweets and treats for everyone
This 19" tower is overflowing with goodness, and includes dark chocolate covered marshmallows, milk chocolate pretzels, caramel popcorn, almond cookies, peanut crunch, berry nut mix, dark chocolate covered almonds, chocolate hazelnut filled cookies, white frosted pretzels, cinnamon apple chips, almond butter toffee, fancy cashews, cocoa dusted truffles, milk chocolate and white frosted sandwich cookies and shortbread cookies
Food Net Weight: 3.8 lbs
A complimentary silver ribbon is tied around the tower to secure as it arrives towered as shown
Decorate the short ribbon tag at top of the tower with silver or gold foil. Select from your choice of ribbon tag colors: white, red, navy blue, royal blue, black or grey


  • Chocolate Covered Marshmallows
  • Long Grove Milk Chocolate Pretzels (4 oz.)
  • Hammond's Old Fashioned Caramel Popcorn
  • Too Good Gourmet Almond Powdered Sugar Cookies
  • Long Grove Peanut Crunch (3 ox)
  • Long Grove Berry Nut Mix (3 oz.)
  • Long Grove Dark Chocolate Almonds
  • Pirouline Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Cookies (3.25 oz.)
  • Long Grove White Frosted Pretzels
  • Seneca Cinnamon Apple Chips
  • Enstrom Almond Butter Toffee
  • Long Grove Fancy Cashews
  • Cocoa Dusted Truffles
  • Long Grove Milk and Creamy White Chocolate Covered Sandwhich Cookie
  • Walkers Shortbread Cookies