Gift Finds at 2024's CanGift Show & Toronto Market Week

As a creative person, it is essential that I attend trade shows to get inspired and fired up about new products. Thankfully, in person shows are back and they’re wonderful! One would think that I’ve seen it all but this is not the case. Let me say this… Canada has some incredibly talented people!

When I “walk a show”, I am there for hours and do my best to visit as many booths as possible. With my fully charged iPhone in hand, I snapped many of the great corporate gifts and branded products to remember the good stuff. Upon returning to my home office, I review them quietly and “piece it all together” like a puzzle while referencing my notes on how these products fit into marketing campaigns, incentive travel products, attendee gifts and a multitude of other uses.

It’s those small items in the corner of a not so attractive booth that are usually the ones that I look for. I call these items “sleepers”. They awaken with the right alignment. You’ve seen these booths, they’re not inviting but they may have a good basic that I’ve been looking for many months.

There are booths that one might think have absolutely nothing to do with gift giving or branded merchandise, however, in a booth that is displaying china, there may be a small trinket box hidden under a platter that may be perfect for a women’s event and in the right price point. There may a themed printed linen cloth that can be used for a Canadian themed event that you'll see in the montage of gift finds below. These types of gifts are a departure from the regular promo items in our industry, They aren’t boring, instead they are useful, fun, practical and most importantly, keep the brand top of mind because they are just that, not boring. They send the right message. 

Take a peek at the photo montage full of freshly picked corporate gifts and branded products I snapped while walking the aisles. See something you like? Red Scarf Gift Co can source and brand it with ease, just give us a ring at (647) 224-0990 or shoot us an email to

What is important to understand is that every single product has a story and there is a  “lid for every pot”. Every product has a purpose. There are times I shake my head asking myself: what the heck were they thinking? I stop myself and think… hey, wait a minute… someone thought about it, developed it and put it out to market. My thought is now, respect.  

Let’s move it forward with some spark! Look out for new releases coming this winter and spring - we're revealing fresh, unique products weekly!

Happy Gifting,


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