About Us

Welcome to Red Scarf Gift Co and Thank You for stopping by!
In a nutshell, we help companies sell. Your gifts, giveaways and incentives have to do their job. They have to make an impact on the recipient in a matter of seconds and keep working the company brand after the event is over.
When your request lands on our desks, you have nothing to worry about. You can go about your other tasks knowing that your request will be taken care of from start to finish.
What's in it for You?
High quality, useful, top notch products. Quality and thoughtfulness sets you apart from your competition. Savvy clients today know good quality when they see it. They also know how much thought was dedicated to a particular giveaway. 
Mindfulness and Details matter! 
Interesting methods of decorating a product so the final result is spectacular. 
White Glove Service.
Drop Shipping Worldwide. 
Consultation Services. 
Creative Services. 
This company was founded when I decided to venture into unknown waters and offer corporate clients products that were not normally found in the promotional products industry. Having a design and manufacturing background, I needed to feel good about what I was selling. I wasn't happy with many aspects of the industry so I changed how we approached the promo industry and what we presented to our clients. 
It's time to shed the low cost attitude; it's too expensive. Contrary to popular belief, quality will make you money. 
We’re here to help you find the Perfect Gift for that Perfect Moment.
For a conversation or if you don't find what you're looking for, we can be reached at:
1 866 390 3622
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