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More Discoveries!

Dear Journal, As you may remember from my last entry, I figured out that colour was missing in the Corporate World. Bland was THE colour of each and every year! Clients needed to know they had many colour choices. As time progressed and I was in up to my elbows selling, I also made another discovery. Why is everyone always using the same decorating methods? Surely there must be a way to step it up a few notches using some interesting ways to imprint. It is fair to say that technology for imprinting wasn’t as advanced as it is today. It seems every year, suppliers showcase the latest and the greatest ways to imprint a logo and the best part?...

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Do Something That Makes You Really Happy

Enjoy our last summer weekend of August and welcome the beautiful colours of Fall with this lovely poem from my favourite poet Emily Dickinson. Let’s bring positivity and long lost wonder to our world. Do something that makes you really happy. 😁 Until next week.... Joanna

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Reflections on 25 Years of Revolutionizing the Promotional Gifting Business

Dear Journal, This past June marked the 25th year Red Scarf Gift Co (formerly Red Scarf Promotions) has been in business. Our little Mohawk Man wearing the Red Scarf decided it was time to hang up his hat, or should I say his red scarf? Looking back it has been a wild and exciting ride! I started my business at 38 years of age (which was already considered old) and it was NOT my world. I was working at Opera Belt Co on Spadina Ave designing ladies’ belts and leather accessories for Retail Private Label. The belt business was slowly declining as the retail chains were all going to China and our wonderful company simply could not afford to stay...

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