Creative Ideas for Room Drop Gifts

Creative Room Drop Gift Ideas from Red Scarf Gift Co

When selecting a Room Drop, consider these points…this is the WOW moment when they arrive at their destination and receive their Thank You. 

  1. Is the item breakable?

  2. Is it packable? Will they leave it behind because it’s too heavy and cumbersome to re-pack?

  3. Is it a product that will be cherished, appreciated and provide satisfaction for their hard work and success?

  4. Is it something they need or want? At a certain level of success and income, it becomes a “want".

  5. Is their spouse considered? If not, then let’s think about those who support these superstars.

  6. Is it a quality, upscale product? The product shouldn’t fall apart or break as this would leave a negative impression.

  7. Is the product current?

  8. Is the packaging attractive? This makes a real difference!

  9. Can the item be bundled to make it extra special?

  10. Is it relevant to the theme of the incentive trip?

  11. Will it motivate them to excel to the next level?

  12. Will this item put a smile on their face and encourage some fun? 

These are just a few key observations I have gathered during my many years of interaction with numerous Event and Incentive Planners. 

It is so important to always ask for feedback, so that I can ensure that I consider every valuable point when suggesting gifts.

The whole thing has to make sense. 

Best wishes for fabulous events & continued success!

P.S. I love helping clients create those "Wow, I love it!" moments. Get in touch and we can chat how your next room drop gift will be cherished vs. yet another throwaway. 

A few creative room drop ideas to get those juices flowing...

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Bull & Bear
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BANK Money
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Pendant Keyholder
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FLIC Mister
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Creative Room Drop Gift Ideas - Global Keyholder Pendant - Buy Online at Red Scarf Gift Co
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World Travel
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