Dunoon Mugs: Love in Every Sip!

With the money we spend on specialty coffee and teas, you’d think we would consider what cup or mug we’re using to drink our special hot beverage.
As a lover of Dunoon mugs for many years, I can tell you from experience that when you hold one of these perfectly designed and decorated bone china mugs, you will have the ultimate enjoyable drinking experience. For those of us who are serious about that cup of freshly perked, high-quality coffee, a balanced steeped tea or a delicious and frothy hot chocolate, Dunoon is the perfect mug for your time out.

Just holding a Dunoon mug is the time you spend enjoying those 15 minutes! 

The designs are all done by artists from the UK. There are so many wonderful shapes and sizes that it’s difficult to decide which one to choose. These mugs work well for Corporate gifts, room drops (now a home drop), a special friend or co-worker, be it a gardener, sports fanatic, animal lover, travel buff, academic, wine lover and the list goes on. The offerings are so diverse and beautiful, I don’t believe they’ve left anyone out.

Dunoon offers a customized mug for a minimum of 300 units, any shape and we can design it for you. Give us the theme and we’ll go to work. Dunoon provides lovely glossy tuck end boxes in the correct mug size. If you require a coffee, tea or hot chocolate with the mug, we’ll recommend something very tasty!

Remember to take advantage of our Red Glove Service. We can wrap, kit and drop ship to any destination. If your recipients can’t be at their desired destination or event, you can provide the next best thing in their home.

During this challenging time, it is very important to enjoy the simple things in life. Simple has become the new sophistication and elegance.

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