Boost Your Employee Retention with Corporate Gift-Giving

Boost Employee Retention with Corporate Gift-Giving

Red Scarf Gift Co. has been providing custom corporate gifts for every occasion, for over 20 years. As the President, I get to see and hear the trends driving corporate gift-giving strategies.

This year, overwhelmingly, the main concern is employee retention. COVID-19 has broken many of the fundamental bonds that kept employees loyal to an employer at all levels, from the warehouse to the boardroom.

How does gifting address and welcome new hires? How do we retain employees? There are many issues to consider. This year, we have learned what employees really want, and what they need to make their lives easier and more productive. New gifting trends reflect the emotional reality of spending more time at home, and the disconnect that has resulted from not going to the office to be with colleagues. The social interactions are missing, and many have realized the true meaning of isolation. Working from home, with its many distractions, people are working more hours and feeling less appreciated. At work, understaffed employees are being asked to do more and more… How can we solve this?

What has COVID-19 taught us?

People are enjoying the simple things again. They want to open, unwrap, taste, use and enjoy that special delivery. It cannot be stressed enough, or unstressed enough! Gifts that are meaningful and resonate with the recipient are seeds that begin and grow loyalty.

Red Scarf Gift Company has responded to companies impacted by the shortage of qualified employees or trying to retain them by providing a customized strategy specific to your company’s needs. Whether it be a recognition program for increased productivity or a real “thanks for hanging in there!” during difficult times.

When an employee is happy, feeling valued, and believe the company has their back, they work at an optimum level. Happiness equals productivity, which, in turn, equals profit. A win-win for all. Spread some happiness and joy, then watch the profits roll in!


Shop my hand-picked gift suggestions that are sure to deliver joy with a sprinkle of delight to your existing employees and new hires! Shop by price, employee type, or occasion - find the perfect gift, for the perfect moment!

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