All the Canadian values we stand for.

It’s a new decade and a new vision!

The promo and gift industry is better than it's ever been…products with clean lines, themes that resonate in today’s world, colours that pop and gifts that will be cherished.

These are the kinds of gifts that will elevate the image any corporate brand and keep it top of mind. Out with the old and in with the new! Refresh your brand, it's time!

Our carefully curated Made in Canada items include custom made bags and leather accessories which can elegantly feature your corporate logo. What better way to boost your corporate identity and our economy?

We use the finest leather and findings to create your Perfect Gift for the Perfect Moment!

We offer a spectacular range of leather colours…yes, purple too believe it or not... that will knock your socks off as well as your recipient’s.

Made in Canada by skilled craftsmen in small batches. These types of gifts will be cherished and will stand the test of time.

View our selection of Made in Canada Leather Goods

Made in Canada Leather Goods from Red Scarf Gift Company - Corporate Gifting Made Easy

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