Reusable Straws: A New Starting Point

As a seasoned Distributor in the Promotional Products and Gift Industry for the past 27 years, there are many products that land on my desk.

I have developed a high filter for Yes or No. Most products, unfortunately, are a resounding NO!

The list of questions I now ask myself has increased as there is now an eco friendly component to determine the viability of a product.

Some of these questions are: will this product receive a “Wow! I love this”! or a look of “what the heck am I going to do with this piece of junk”?

A few more questions are:

  • is this a current product?
  • Has the manufacturer done their homework?
  • How relevant is this product for today’s consumer?
  • Is this product for a mature or a young recipient?
  • Is it gender friendly?
  • How can I sell this product?
  • Would I personally use it?
  • Is it easy to use or will it find its way to the curbside for garbage pick up?
  • Will this hurt the environment?

Preserving the Environment

The environment and its preservation and cleanliness has become a top of mind issue for me.

To be very frank, I didn’t consider this issue in past years. I naively thought most people are responsible for throwing out their trash, specifically plastic items such as water bottle and straws because they are not biodegradable.

After hearing and seeing the state of our oceans and sea life, I am appalled at the disrespect we, as the human race, have for the earth we inhabit.

It has been reported that "half a billion straws are used and discarded every day". That is unacceptable. LA Times Editorial


I won’t launch into a philosophical discussion however, I believe efforts now, including the banning of plastic straws is a great start. When I select a product it has to possess value, longevity and aesthetic features. Therefore, most of the products that are sold for corporate giveaways and gifts are not meeting my personal checklist.

The stainless steel straw we’re featuring this month is one of those YES items. A useful, eco-friendly and compact product one can carry with them in their handbags, backpacks, for travel and in the back seat pocket of a vehicle. The hygienic quality is something to be considered as well as you’re the only one using it. This product simply makes sense. 


This is the type of giveaway that will be noticed, talk about and appreciated. It is such a wonderful and positive reflection on the company brand. What would you say and think about receiving this stainless steel straw? 

Let’s all take one step at a time... that’s how results are achieved!

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