Stop Falling in Love with your Products!

Today, I had the privilege of attending a webinar on “How to Crush the Competition”
with Anthony Iannarino as the keynote speaker - a truly remarkable sales guru. His wealth of experience and precise delivery of information always leave me inspired. So, when he was asked what one thing salespeople shouldn’t do, his response floored me: “Stop falling in love with your product.”

That statement lingered with me. How could I not adore our offerings? Sharing new releases with our customers through email blasts is how I connect with them. But as I reflected on his words, I realized that what works for him may not work for me. As someone deeply passionate about our products, not falling in love with them would be like closing shop. After all, that passion and excitement are what drives us. 

However, delving deeper into his comment, I grasped its essence. At Red Scarf, we’re about more than just products. Our relationship with clients is built on knowledge, experience and genuine care. We guide them through their marketing initiatives offering insights and education to make informed decision about their branded merchandise. 

Some key takeaways I’ve learned and always advocate for:

Quality over cheapness
Cheap often proves costlier in the long run, impacting the brand negativity.
Understand your audience
Ask yourself if you would use the gift you're considering for them.
Align new purchases with past successes
Learn from feedback and package items thoughtfully.

At Red Scarf Gift Co, we're not just a supplier; we're your trusted advisor to support you every step of the way.

Don't be a stranger, lets talk about your upcoming projects and what's a good fit for you! Give us a ring at (647) 224-0990 or shoot us an email to today, and we'll be happy to assist.

Happy Gifting,





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