Teach Your Children Well

Teach your children well. Be clean. Be kind.

With our current ongoing concerns for cleanliness, the health, safety and hygiene of your children should not be an added worry to an already full plate. The "Be Clean. Be Kind." educational safety hygiene kit was created out of necessity, and to provide peace of mind.

Last year when COVID-19 began, the world turned upside down in a blink of an eye. Suddenly life stopped. Life has not resumed to the way it used to be. Too much has happened, and many habits have changed. People are now watching and are more aware of hygiene than ever before. Protocols for safe distancing and cleanliness are now in place and can’t be ignored. We’ve become accustomed to living differently. This is our new reality, and the new reality many children have been born into. A whole new generation will never know what life was like pre-Covid. As the world fretted with fear, I wondered who was taking care of the children, the toddlers, and pre-schoolers?

The "Be Clean. Be Kind." educational safety hygiene kit teaches children how to establish good hygiene habits into their routine in a fun way. These are habits that will stay with them for a lifetime. The kits promote diversity & inclusion, encouraging kindness and respect towards one another and to our ever precious animal world. Children know how to spread the good things in life. Children, if given the opportunity, can change the world. After all, it’s their future! 

Knowing your kids are safe and understand hygiene brings peace of mind to parents. Raising children that are kind and healthy is essential to parents feeling like they are doing a good job in this important role. 

As companies look to attract employees in a tough job market, employee well being benefits have been an effective way companies express their dynamic culture. Adding our "Be Clean. Be Kind." kit in a Welcome package to employees will send a positive message of caring for families, and will leave your team feeling valued. 

This kit is a messenger of wellbeing and kindness. 


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