The Ultimate Business Holiday Gift Giving Guide

THAT time of year is fast approaching!

So many of us dread giving Holiday Gifts to our clients simply because we have no idea where to start.

I must admit that it has become more difficult to give a gift as there are many unspoken rules of acceptability and political correctness we now have to consider.

One thing for sure, it if comes from your heart and you’re sincere, it’s all good.

Here's my 10-point list to help make the process less stressful, and help ensure your clients love their gifts!

Make a list of your top clients. Usually a good salesperson knows how much clients spend through out the year and if you don’t know, (you ought to know this important information) ask you accountant to help you. The rule of thumb (that I was taught) is usually a 20% spend of total sales for each client. Use your discretion.


Consider each client individually. They’re not all the same. As professional business people, we know that business relationships are just as important as the personal ones so you may know your clients likes and dislikes and if you don’t know, ask their colleagues or assistants. These people are good sources of information as they work with your client. It’s easier this way as it will chop the time of decision making in half. You can go straight to those items and make a selection.


If the item can be personalized, then by all means take the time to add this very special touch. There is less chance of it being re-gifted or thrown away. When a person reads their initials, it pulls at their heart strings and the recipient knows you took the time to do this for them. It definitely says to the client: You’re special to me!



Ensure the gift is gender acceptable. For example you wouldn’t give a female CEO a Camo print water bottle unless you know she’s in love with this print. Once again, ask their colleagues or assistants for some information.


Don’t be a cheapskate! This is the worst thing you can do and it will reflect negatively on you and your company. When I gave a lot of business to my vendors, I always remembered who took the time to do it right.


Alcoholic beverages such as wine and spirits are a definite NO for obvious reasons.


A family gift may be a good option as their spouse and kids can enjoy the gift as well.


A gift that one can truly enjoy is a very nice thing to do as most of us have no time for pleasure or enjoyment given the pace of business today. This is a fact.

With our mobile devices attached to our hips, we have very little time to carve out some time for ourselves. We’re all in the same boat today with a never ending To Do list for business and personal.

Ask yourself... what would you absolutely love to receive that would bring you the most pleasure?


Instead of shopping in a Big Box retail store for the last minute gift basket, which isn’t very unique, you may want to try one of the local Merchants in your area or seek out the very best in a region of a particular item such as cheese, jams, specialty foods or other handmade items.


Remember gift giving is really a reflection on you. If you don’t put any thought or consideration into it, that’s what you’re telling your client. If you don’t celebrate the Holiday Season, it’s not about you. Do the right thing and respect those who do love the Holiday Season.

This is the time for giving in more ways than one.

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