Tips for Successful Drop Shipping

Tips for Successful Drop Shipping

300 packages have to be delivered. How do you get started? 

Whether you’re drop shipping yourself or you’ve hired a company to do it for you, keep these points in mind…the more information you have, the less stressed you’ll be when you understand the process. You will better understand just how strategic and time consuming this task can be. Those that do this, love it!  

First, contact your product supplier and ask if they offer a drop shipping service.

Hopefully, they will assist in providing this service for you as it will be one more big task off your list.

If they do not offer this service, I would re-evaluate doing business with this supplier. During this uncertain time, it’s about helping each other and relieving stress for a customer whenever possible. If a supplier is only interested in the order, this is a clear indication that they aren’t there for you during the long haul. No one knows how long this pandemic will last so we have to ensure that we have a reliable partners we can count on to ensure success for all.  

If your supplier doesn’t offer fulfillment and drop shipping, ask them if the know of a company who does or you may have to find one in close proximity. Google to the rescue! When you find a company who can perform this task, ask them what they need and ask them to describe, step by step, how they will execute the job and which courier company or companies they intend to use. Depending on the destinations, they may use more than one company. They will ask you what level of service you’d like to use…standard or an expedited.

Remember: the faster the service, the more expensive the shipping charge. This is to your benefit as you will have realistic expectations for timelines and cost. Review your list and respective destinations, the farthest destination would be shipped first as the transit time is longer and you may not have to use an expensive overnight service.  

When a client reaches out for our Red Glove Service, we spend days and days thinking about the best way to execute efficiently because every order is so different and unique! The most important step for us is contacting our courier and asking how they can help. We can then assess how long it will take to package and wrap the products, then we calculate approximate transit time, (with a few days cushion), for each region if the packages are being sent across the country and cross borders. Since we don’t want to enter every single name to generate a waybill, is the courier’s system technologically advanced in generating waybills or does every contact has to be entered manually? I’m referring to that nasty piece of paper with bar codes folded in half and inserted into a clear pouch. Every single package has to have a waybill. This is how the package is identified.  

How will names be gathered and who will enter the information into an excel spread sheet? Are the addresses checked for correct postal/zip codes?

Ask your courier what way the information should be sent to them or do they prefer another method. Delivering a package with the wrong information is very frustrating. Couriers cannot be expected to do this job for you, you have to provide accurate and exact information.

Couriers work on their timelines, not yours. This is why the information has to be clear and accurate! An expectation such as a change of address and delivery for the same day simply won’t happen.

Don’t ever lie on a commercial invoice. If you’re cross border shipping, commercial invoices have to be included and this can get tricky. Getting step by step assistance from your courier would be very helpful at this point, to ensure all information is entered correctly and boxes are all checked. If information is missing and boxes are sporadically checked, customs will flag the shipment and detain it. Border Services are much too smart for any nonsense. Especially during COVID, your company will get a warning or two then it will be blackballed.  

Couriers do not deliver to post office box numbers. Only the mail service does this. Don’t forget about those people living in rural areas!

Who will track the packages? Are the products securely packaged in the box? Is there enough wiggle room and cushioning between each product or do you hear a lot of noise in the box when you shake it?

There will be a lot of shaking, throwing and sliding of packages during transit! If there is a breakable item, you may want to replace it or ask your fulfillment company to secure it in a thick bubble wrap. Any Thank You cards should be inserted in the box, not on the top of the package as it may disappear.  

Ask questions! Presentation and delivery is a reflection on your company. Provide as much information to your supplier as possible to ensure a smooth execution. The last thing you want is a broken or damaged delivery, or worse, no delivery at all.

These are just a few points to be aware of if you’re thinking about drop shipping an order. There are significant details that surface for each and every order because a customer’s needs are all very different such as staggering some deliveries.

Give yourself plenty of time and plan. It would be wise to book a time and keep the appointment! Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at: or book a virtual consultation with us today!

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