What is your Pen Personality?

One of Red Scarf Gift Company’s top pen suppliers, and a personal favourite of ours, is a Swiss company called Prodir. The innovation, design, customizability — what’s not to love!


What is your “pen personality”?

If there are 5 pens on a table, I will gravitate to the one I like most. I won’t grab a random pen, I will select a pen that resonates with me. When you see this collection of beautiful pens, you’ll understand. Explore Prodir’s collection of exquisite pens, and discover your pen personality.

Prodir has recently launched their Cloud pens, a revolutionary way of sending information using a pen and a QR code. With shipping costs skyrocketing, this is one cost effective way to get your message in the right hands, and it will be in the right or left hand because it’s a pen! Certainly efficient and effective in this digital age. There are a multitude of ways you can customize this unique writing instrument to communicate your brand, and we’d love to show you how. 

With a custom QR code printed on your beautifully branded pen, the new Cloud Pens connects your writing instrument to a mobile engineered landing page so you can communicate your brand’s message, convert clients into sales, and more. With the streamlined Cloud Pens Admin Dashboard, you can easily update, monitor, and optimize your campaigns. The Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn retargeting feature will enable you to effectively reconnect with those who have engaged with your brand, all in one simple click. 

The pen can be packaged into a small direct mail piece, a presentation folder, packaged in a snack kit for a forthcoming virtual meeting, a product launch, contact info, an itinerary for an incentive trip….the applications are endless. The best part is that the logo is always top of mind, longevity is the end game and this pen delivers that. There are several collections along with outstanding colours from which to choose.  

Contact us for a sample pen - email sales@redscarfgiftco.com

For Your Reading Pleasure

"OPEN: The Prodir Magazine" is fantastic because it’s short, simple, and to the point. It is one of those magazines that you can easily read from cover to cover because it is only few pages long. The content is highly creative, innovative, and thought provoking. You will find spectacular stories of interesting people, places, and things that are truly unique. I’ve yet to find anything else that turns my creative crank like this magazine. We love sharing ideas and we believe that reading about “out of the box” thinkers and doers, provides a different perspective. Creativity always blossoms into greatness. When we are constantly exposed to creative thoughts, you’d be surprised how easily we are able to think of a creative thought when required!










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