Your Stress-Free Guide to buying Corporate Gifts this Holiday Season

As the Holiday Season approaches, we start thinking about gift giving. It is no secret that this year is like no other. COVID 19 has turned our worlds upside down and inside out. We now have to consider issues we never thought about before. It’s important to understand what is going on in the hearts and minds of our recipients. As the giver of presents, consider what has been going on in your head these past few months, and what type of gift you would like to receive.
Many of us are fearful and anxious for many reasons…COVID 19 is a moving target and we don’t know what the end will be or when. It has been an extremely difficult 8 months as most of us have been forced to face every fear in the book from financial, health, political, social et al. and from this we will evolve and grow. It is amazing how many people have re-evaluated what is truly important and discarding what they don’t need anymore. They are delving into new hobbies, enjoying family, and taking a break from work when they need it, without guilt. 

Gifts have to speak to this transformation now more than ever. 

How do we impress, give joy, and select a gift that reflects transformation?

In past years, it was all about giving gifts that were the latest and the greatest. That becomes a lower priority to many. The best gifts are uncomplicated, easy to digest (literally!), easy to understand, and provide a wakeup call to all five senses. Unsophisticated and simple is now elegant and thoughtful. It’s real!

Here are a few tips to bear in mind when selecting gifts this season. Remember to keep it simple! Gift uncomplicated, easy-to-use products. There is no need for a 5-page instruction brochure. Customers want instant happiness in a box. A true present. 

This Holiday Season it’s about gifts that build communities and strengthens relationships.

1. Gift products that will brighten and enlighten the occasion.

People have been at home for some time and have realized the importance of family. Being aware and grateful is what most of us have become. Remember, we are all attached to each other now. We’re all connected in a way like we’ve never been before. The sales award for meeting their quotas is now not just an empty indulgent recognition, but about the chance for the company to acknowledge the family behind the employee. Think about an excursion gift the entire family can enjoy, a weekend away to a family resort, possibly including sports, or a drive in the country for a simple trail walk (with the dog) north of the city. Wouldn’t a picnic basket or backpack filled with local food, fruit, hot beverages and treats for the kids and the dog be the ultimate? We call it Gifts that Matter.

2. Gift products the whole family can use and enjoy inside their home.

Games, puzzles, blankets, tower of treats, gourmet popcorn and let’s not forget baking pans, utensils and unique cookie cutters.

3. Gift products that calm the mind, body, and soul.

Music to one’s ears! Speakers and headphones make great gifts. Working from home, almost everyone could use a pair. 

4. Gift products that you may think are outdated, but in fact, they’re not!

Why? It takes a person back to a simpler, happier time. A simple cafe mug filled with truffle hot chocolate, marshmallows, or a S'mores kit. It encourages reminiscence and nostalgia. The good kind.

5. Gift Products that encourage creativity and writing.

A journal with a cool pen. People always need a place to write down their thoughts, whether it’s a quick note or to journal mindfully – it’s a practical gift that all could use. PS: Worried about the environment? Go for a sustainable notebook and pen option. 

6. Gift products that can be used for in a home office.

Power banks, earbuds, candles, diffusers, plants, water bottles with healing crystals… Promote mindfulness and productivity at home during these uncertain times.

Sit back, relax, and let Red Scarf Gift Company deliver a Holiday Miracle for you! 

Gifts that are out:

  • Bonsai plants
  • Case of Wine
  • Watches
  • Cufflinks

Gifts that are in:

  • Grow your own indoor herbs
  • High-end espresso machine
  • Racetrack day with custom caps they will never forget!

It’s not too late to give a great corporate gift with the greatest value and intent.




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