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The Ultimate Business Holiday Gift Giving Guide

THAT time of year is fast approaching! So many of us dread giving Holiday Gifts to our clients simply because we have no idea where to start. I must admit that it has become more difficult to give a gift as there are many unspoken rules of acceptability and political correctness we now have to consider. One thing for sure, it if comes from your heart and you’re sincere, it’s all good. Here's my 10-point list to help make the process less stressful, and help ensure your clients love their gifts! Make a list of your top clients. Usually a good salesperson knows how much clients spend through out the year and if you don’t know, (you ought to know this...

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Reusable Straws: A New Starting Point

As a seasoned Distributor in the Promotional Products and Gift Industry for the past 27 years, there are many products that land on my desk. I have developed a high filter for Yes or No. Most products, unfortunately, are a resounding NO! The list of questions I now ask myself has increased as there is now an eco friendly component to determine the viability of a product. Some of these questions are: will this product receive a “Wow! I love this”! or a look of “what the heck am I going to do with this piece of junk”? A few more questions are: is this a current product? Has the manufacturer done their homework? How relevant is this product for...

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