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The Top Fall and Holiday Gift Giving Trends for 2019

Red Scarf is pleased to share three of our favourite suppliers’ Fall & Holiday online LookBooks for your enjoyment and perusal. Take some quiet time and review some of the nicest products out there. Make notes, bookmark and do whatever you have to so that you remember where you saw that “perfect gift”. Some of the Fall & Holiday Gift trends to watch for are... Tech, earbuds, power packs Food, artisanal, locally made food Travel, Bluetooth luggage tag and tracker, small tech storage Leather, made in Canada bags, small leather goods Apparel, winter toque sets, puffer vests Wellness, succulents, aromatherapy, scented candles There is something for everyone in every budget. Have a look. Should you have any questions or requests,...

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Place Your Holiday Order Before the Rush!

PLACE YOUR HOLIDAY ORDER BEFORE THE RUSH!   We also have an extensive line of truly unique gift ideas that will get well used every day. No throwaways here!   READY TO ORDER? We hope these holiday gifting guides will provide youwith ideas & inspiration for this season.Reach out to us directly for your ordering needs aswe can customize your requests, and even suggestsome very exclusive bundles for that extra "wow".     

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Creative Ideas for Room Drop Gifts

When selecting a Room Drop, consider these points…this is the WOW moment when they arrive at their destination and receive their Thank You.  Is the item breakable? Is it packable? Will they leave it behind because it’s too heavy and cumbersome to re-pack? Is it a product that will be cherished, appreciated and provide satisfaction for their hard work and success? Is it something they need or want? At a certain level of success and income, it becomes a “want". Is their spouse considered? If not, then let’s think about those who support these superstars. Is it a quality, upscale product? The product shouldn’t fall apart or break as this would leave a negative impression. Is the product current? Is...

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