Modern Office Desk Lamp
Modern Office Desk Lamp

Modern Office Desk Lamp

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lluminate your workspace with style. Our sleek, modern desk lamp not only brightens your desk but also your day with its ambient glow.

The Linear portable table lamp is perfect for adding warm ambiance and bright light to your work space
sleek lightweight design will easily fit on a table or desk and fold-away into a drawer or backpack for on the go
A touch dimmer switch is located on the base to easily adjust the intensity to warm or cool light and a timer can also be set
10 minute timer
adjustable light with pivot at base and arm design makes this ideal for adjusting to your space and video conferencing
Optional pen holder that adapts to the base is included
Prop on base for Cell Phone and optional charger
The battery life is minimum 3 hours of use, depending on dimmer setting used. At full charge when plugged in
A USB-C charging cable is included
Instruction Manual is included
Kraft Box included 4.9" x 2.36" x 15.35"