What our customers have to say:

"It is all too easy for me to write and tell you why I choose to work with Red Scarf Gift Co. to support my client gifting needs. Simply, I could not find any other provider that offered the creativity, trend-worthy gifting I needed for my client programs. With Red Scarf, I know you are current with trends, offer exciting gift options because you really listen, research and go the extra mile to service, too. Your passion for what you do is undeniable.  

Joanna understands our business and work within critical, sometimes unrelenting timelines, all while providing gifting expertise, and we also benefit from your ability to offer packaging and package delivery under one roof!

RSG complements our business, a great partner to have."

- Debbie Cotton-Burinski, Creative Group Inc. 


"The Red Scarf team always does such a fantastic job of pulling together creative solutions for our clients and our team at CIBC. I can always trust them to make the impossible happen. Their work is always well received – thank you, Joanna and team!

Thank you for all of your efforts, always!" 

- Kara Gabriel, CIBC.


"I am a meeting planner for over 30 years and have owned my own planning company for almost 20 years. I have been using Red Scarf Gift Company for as long as I have been in business. This is THE best gift and merchandise company I have ever worked with. There have been a few occasions when a client insisted on using one of their own suppliers, but soon discovered that nobody responds as quickly, any time day or night, comes up with ideas that are innovative and delivers under impossible timelines and expectations as Red Scarf Gifts. Once you work with Red Scarf Gift Company you quickly discover that they have it all under control, under budget and over delivery on service and satisfaction. Trust and faith are the words I immediately think of when I see or say Red Scarf Gift Company. They allow me to focus on my company and business knowing they have it all taken care of."

- Rita Plaskett, Agendum Inc.