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Sneak Peek at our Holiday Gift Giving LookBook!

Our Holiday LookBook has a great selection of Holiday Gifts in every budget…you can also visit our website for more ideas! Our Red Glove Service will take care of all of your packaging and shipping needs. Here's to stress-free holiday prep that saves you both precious time and money, while providing an amazing and positive experience for your recipient. Until next time! Browse Our Holiday LookBook Click on an image below to browse through our unique offerings.

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The Top Fall and Holiday Gift Giving Trends for 2019

Red Scarf is pleased to share three of our favourite suppliers’ Fall & Holiday online LookBooks for your enjoyment and perusal. Take some quiet time and review some of the nicest products out there. Make notes, bookmark and do whatever you have to so that you remember where you saw that “perfect gift”. Some of the Fall & Holiday Gift trends to watch for are... Tech, earbuds, power packs Food, artisanal, locally made food Travel, Bluetooth luggage tag and tracker, small tech storage Leather, made in Canada bags, small leather goods Apparel, winter toque sets, puffer vests Wellness, succulents, aromatherapy, scented candles There is something for everyone in every budget. Have a look. Should you have any questions or requests,...

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More Discoveries!

Dear Journal, As you may remember from my last entry, I figured out that colour was missing in the Corporate World. Bland was THE colour of each and every year! Clients needed to know they had many colour choices. As time progressed and I was in up to my elbows selling, I also made another discovery. Why is everyone always using the same decorating methods? Surely there must be a way to step it up a few notches using some interesting ways to imprint. It is fair to say that technology for imprinting wasn’t as advanced as it is today. It seems every year, suppliers showcase the latest and the greatest ways to imprint a logo and the best part?...

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