dunoon mug: nevis messy dogs
dunoon mug: nevis messy dogs

Nevis Messy Dogs

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Dunoon fine bone china mugs are handcrafted in Staffordshire, England. They are produced to the highest quality using traditional methods which have been developed and refined over 3 family generations in the pottery industry.

Nevis is a curvy and cosy large shape which is easy to hold with a comfortable handle. We have been making it for many years and it has remained a very popular mug. It has a flare at the top making it very pleasant to drink out of and holds 16 oz / 0.48 l.

The counterpart to Messy Cats and a best seller. Throw in a couple of doggy treats for some extra fun! 

Every dog has his day, even the scruffy ones. Kate Mawdsley draws on a few of our favourite dog breeds in an amusing and playful way.