be clean. be kind. kit
be clean. be kind. kit
be clean. be kind. kit
be clean. be kind. kit
be clean. be kind. kit
be clean. be kind. kit

Be Clean. Be Kind. Kit

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Teach your children well!

These safety kits are a fantastic way to promote education and awareness surrounding hygiene and kindness.
Be Kind” sends a positive message; to show kindness towards all people, animals, our planet, and promotes diversity. Children can carry these drawstring bags everywhere they go, with contents that are fun and easy to use to “Be Clean”!
These kits equip children with the tools they need to ensure their health and safety in the world as we navigate these uncertain times. This kit is the perfect back-to-school starter kit - it’s one less thing you have to worry about!
These safety kits are designed for children 3 - 6 years old. They can carry their drawstring knapsacks everywhere they go and easily access hygienic contents that are fun and easy to use.


  •  1 Cinch Bag. Reusable, machine washable, drawstring closure.
  •  1 Round, Seeded Paper Hangtag. Once detached, plant and watch it grow!
  •  2 Black Face Masks. 100% cotton, reusable, toddler size, soft elastic ear loops for comfort.
  •  1 Package of Hand Wipes. Ten sheets / per package of hand wipes.
  •  1 Pair of Animal Socks. Adorable knee-high socks with non-slip grips on the soles and a friendly animal on the top of the sock. Four animal options available; dog, cat, horse, and dinosaur.
  •  1 Acrylic No-Touch Tool. A tool that can press buttons, open doors / drawers, and do more so you do not need to come in direct contact with any surfaces!