Fun & Educational Be Clean. Be Kind. Safety Kits for Kids
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Hello to Everyone,

I hope you’re all enjoying the incredible summer we are having. There is much to be grateful for! I really believe that.

In my last post, the Be Clean. Be Kind. Safety Kits were introduced. I'm so excited about this kit. I truly believe it can introduce the concept of health, hygiene and safety to kids. While hygiene has always been a priority for all of us; COVID-19 has really brought out the necessity of teaching it to our kids as early as possible.

The Be Clean. Be Kind. safety kit was inspired by my Grandson, Matti, who is only 18 months old ❤️. He is already learning the importance of hygiene. The kit was created for children aged 3 - 5 and those young parents who are sending their children back to daycare.

This product serves an extra safety precaution and education kit. After all, education and teaching
our children begins at home.

Even though we are more relaxed during the summer, our thoughts are still on the necessary preparations for children going back to daycare in September. Parents are concerned and I understand the concern.

Along with teaching our children hygiene and safety, we must also teach them that we need a better world. Change has to happen with them as they have the incredible ability to do this one step at a time.

The world needs to move forward with kindness and compassion, toward each other and toward the animal kingdom. My concern is that when children grow up, they won’t know an elephant 🐘  or a tiger 🐯 and possibly many other species.

If we continue to ignore these very serious issues, it will not be a nice world for our children when they become older. They’ll be asking us a lot of questions.

What will we tell them? More in my next post.

The kit is a lightweight drawstring backpack packaged with the following contents:

  • Colouring book about cleanliness and hygiene
  • Crayons
  • A Magic eraser board
  • Messy Moose socks: adorable little socks with an animal on the top
  • Schoolyard Sparklers: a larger than life sequinned animal
  • Two washable cotton masks
  • A package of hand wipes (sanitizer was too harsh for sensitive little hands).

Each bag is attached with a seeded paper hangtag which can be removed to plant their own flower🌻

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Simple yet very effective items.

Children love to colour, they love bright, shiny things, they can wear own masks, they can watch their garden grow, their animal buddies will be top of mind and parents will be encouraged to teach their children hygiene and have some fun in the process. It’s all good!


Supporting SickKids Foundation

There will be a donation of $2.00 to SickKids Foundation for every kit sold.

It is my dream that this message of Be Clean. Be Kind. will be a global message to all children and adults. Let’s make this a better world for kids. Let’s teach them that love has no boundaries and that love is unconditional.

Our Kids Deserve a Better World.

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