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This blog today was going to start with: It’s that time of year but I realize it’s always that time of year! Fall, winter, spring and summer are always that “time of year” when we start to think about seasonal items for our giveaways and following that is always the question: what’s new? Not only are clients asking what’s new but I am always asking my suppliers what’s new? I am constantly sourcing…constantly! Tech is the top of everyone’s list followed by Health and Wellness products. Why? They make sense. These products are useful, make business life faster, easier and are enjoyable to use. They send a positive, caring message and let’s not forget the message of kindness. Kindness to...

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Teach Your Children Well

With our current ongoing concerns for cleanliness, the health, safety and hygiene of your children should not be an added worry to an already full plate. The Be Clean. Be Kind. educational safety hygiene kit was created out of necessity. Knowing your kids are safe and understand hygiene brings more peace of mind to parents!

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