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This blog today was going to start with: It’s that time of year but I realize it’s always that time of year! Fall, winter, spring and summer are always that “time of year” when we start to think about seasonal items for our giveaways and following that is always the question: what’s new? Not only are clients asking what’s new but I am always asking my suppliers what’s new? I am constantly sourcing…constantly!

Tech is the top of everyone’s list followed by Health and Wellness products. Why? They make sense. These products are useful, make business life faster, easier and are enjoyable to use. They send a positive, caring message and let’s not forget the message of kindness. Kindness to ourselves and to our planet. 

In my quest to find interesting tech items, I did in fact stumble upon a few great tech pieces which will be the focus of this blog post. The features of these items answer the questions I ask before I present a product to a client such as… the way it’s designed, functionality, how is it manufactured and what materials are used, is it Eco friendly, how is it packaged and how will it be received by the recipient, will this item provide a positive customer experience? It’s important to me to know and understand the story behind a product… even a $1.00 pen has a story. 

Have a look below at some very interesting and beautifully designed tech products and their Eco friendly features.

Wood Crafted Bluetooth Speaker

Wood Crafted Bluetooth Speaker

The exclusive nature-inspired wooden Bluetooth speakers not only delivers vibrant music but also holds a magnificent look. A powerful 5W sound system that enhances users' listening experiences to new heights. The genuine speaker comes equipped with a night-light and a synthetic leather strap for traveling.

Bamboo & Wheat Straw Eco Spotlight Bluetooth Speaker and Qi Phone Stand

Spotlight, Bluetooth Speaker & Qi Phone Charging Stand

Crafted with sustainable bamboo and wheat straw plastic, this branded product not only charges phones wirelessly and plays music, it also has an adjustable ring light to seamlessly illuminate your face for video calls. Laser engrave your logo with a min. order of 50 units.

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Our latest addition to the audio line-up! This sporty Bluetooth speaker boasts a waterproof design, so you can enjoy your music by the pool or at the beach without worry. With 5 watts of power, this speaker delivers a clear and powerful sound that will impress. Its built-in handle makes it easy to carry around, while its compact and lightweight design ensures it won't weigh you down.



Sidekick Power Bank

You'll get a kick out of this uniquely designed 4,500 mAh Power Bank with the ability to plug directly into the bottom of your iPhone, for the ultimate convenience! Android users need not worry as the included Type C cable allows for the fastest charging speeds for both your phone and power bank!

Resolute Adjustable Phone and Tablet Stand


Phone & Tablet Stand

Our premium adjustable phone stand and holder, expertly crafted from durable metal and high-quality materials. With its innovative rotary base, enjoy seamless 360-degree turning to find the perfect viewing angle for your device. The stand's sturdy hinges offer exceptional stability, providing you a reliable hands-free experience.


Cloud Pens with Logo Imprint & QR Code

Every Brand Manager's DREAM - perfect for proximity marketing, live events and in-person meetings. Watch your audience scan the QR code, explore your mini-site and engage with your digital content with precise analytical data. Whether it is to increase sales, build social followings or measure face-to-face campaigns effectively, this product should be in every annual marketing budget!

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