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February 2022 Roundtable Session Recap

As promised, this is a recap of the Red Scarf Gift Co Roundtable session hosted in February 2022. Thank you to those who attended. To those who couldn’t be present, hopefully we’ll see you next time! This recap is intended to provide a gentle reminder and a reference tool for you as you plan your promotional products and gifts for the next few months. As information changes, we will keep you informed of current trends and what you can implement for your gift giving strategy.  It’s becoming more important than ever to build TRUST and INTEGRITY in your brand. Employees and customers will want and expect safety, reliability and longevity. What will your employee or customer feel when they think...

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Tips for Successful Drop Shipping

Drop shipping can create anxiety and stress as it is a very daunting and labour intensive task. Preparation and implementing a system is paramount for a seamless execution. If there is no system, there will be failure. The size of the order is irrelevant; it could be 10 packages, 100 or 1000. It’s all about moving the line of production easily and “directing the traffic” to the right person.  Let’s say you have 300 people who require their gifts delivered to their homes. How do you get started? 

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