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Teach Your Children Well

With our current ongoing concerns for cleanliness, the health, safety and hygiene of your children should not be an added worry to an already full plate. The Be Clean. Be Kind. educational safety hygiene kit was created out of necessity. Knowing your kids are safe and understand hygiene brings more peace of mind to parents!

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Dunoon Mugs: Love in Every Sip!

With the money we spend on specialty coffee and teas, you’d think we would consider what cup or mug we’re using to drink our special hot beverage. As a lover of Dunoon mugs for many years, I can tell you from experience that when you hold one of these perfectly designed and decorated bone china mugs, you will have the ultimate enjoyable drinking experience. For those of us who are serious about that cup of freshly perked, high-quality coffee, a balanced steeped tea or a delicious and frothy hot chocolate, Dunoon is the perfect mug for your time out. Just holding a Dunoon mug is the time you spend enjoying those 15 minutes!  The designs are all done by artists from the UK....

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